What do I need to bring on my first visit?

Original and current doctor’s recommendation. Recommendation must have an original “Wet Seal” by a licensed

physician not an electronic signature. (Recommendations obtained Online and through Skype are NOT Valid and are Not accepted).


Proof of identity:

This must be a valid and current California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issued

Identification card or Driver’s license. Out of state addresses on California ID’s will not be accepted.

Passports are not accepted as a proof of California residency.


Are there any forms to fill out?

Yes, all New and Renewing patient members need to complete a “Collective Membership Application and Agreement of Discount Caregivers Form” prior to entering the Medicine room.



All New and Renewing Patient Members that are Caregivers Must always be present with the person that they are care-giving for at the time of registration. (NO EXCEPTIONS) If you have further questions regarding this matter please contact us before your visit.


To all of our New and Returning Patient Members:

At DC we strive to provide you with quality medication, great customer service and a high level of satisfaction, all while staying in business. Since part of our business is to stay in compliance with the law, we highly recommend that you check out our “DC Guidelines” under the ABOUT tab on our website. Thank you for choosing DC Collective as your Collective.





Disclaimer: Use of this website is restricted to Registered Medical Marijuana Patients in the state of California and over the age of 18. DC Collective is a Pre ICO & Prop D compliant Medical Marijuana dispensary located and operating in Canoga Park, since 2007.

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